Aragog CLI

Install the aragog migration and schema generation command line interface with cargo:

cargo install aragog_cli

Aragog Lib

Add to your cargo.toml the following:

aragog = "0.17.1"

Cargo features

Async and Blocking

By default, all aragog items are asynchronous, you can compile aragog in a synchronous build using the blocking feature:

aragog = { version = "0.17.1", features = ["blocking"] }

OpenSSL and Rustls

aragog uses reqwest to query ArangoDB. By default, OpenSSL is used, but you can compile aragog to use rustls using the rustls feature:

aragog = { version = "0.17.1", features = ["rustls"], default-features = false }

You need to disable the default features. Don't forget to add the derive feature to use the derive macros.

Minimal Traits

If you don't need the following traits:

  • AuthorizeAction
  • New
  • Update

You can disable them with the minimal_traits feature:

aragog = { version = "0.17.1", features = ["minimal_traits"] }